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Co-Founder, Teacher

Simi’s practice emphasizes embodying connection with the natural world and internal sensory awareness.  She has practiced yoga from a young age through her South Asian roots as a child of Punjabi Sikh immigrants, and later throughout her lifetime as a method for healing the impact of stress on the body and mind.   She sees yoga as a subjective experiential healing science rooted in ancient wisdom and modern science.  As a clinical pharmacist and medical cannabis specialist, she brings her understanding of physiology and biochemistry to the mat and to her teaching.  She believes accessible, inclusive yoga is a vital collective practice to create liberation and healing.  Her classes incorporate somatics, pranayama (breathing), meditation, gentle movements, decolonized yoga philosophy, some qigong, and sometimes even a little bit of play, dance, or laughter.

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I am a traveling yogini.  I love to share my experience and exchange learning with my students.  I am a strong believer in the importance of "Breath," and its importance in connecting mind and body.  My Yoga Practice helps students explore and discover their individually unique rhythm that further enables drawing up a customized yoga program.  I teach yoga to seniors and the joy and gratification are limitless.  With teaching yoga their is always a new beginning and new journey and am forever going to be a learning student.

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Natasha's Bio, coming soon

“Natasha Chaoua is the founder and owner of Dubwise Yoga, LLC. She is a graduate, certified hatha yoga instructor and member of Satya Yoga Cooperative, Colorado’s first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program for Black, Indigenous, People Of Color and the nations first BIPOC member-owned yoga cooperative. 

Natasha is a certified Accessible Yoga teacher, ambassador and supporting organization, as well as a registered yoga teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. She teaches trauma informed yoga, is passionate about disabilities, brain health and overall general health care. Prior to teaching she worked with spinal cord injury (SCI) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients. She recently completed Michelle Johnson’s Skill in Action – Yoga + Social Justice 300hr Yoga Teacher Training and became a certified LoveYourBrain Yoga Instructor. She’s currently preparing to become a trainer and facilitator with the Love Your Brain Foundation and looks forward to sharing the benefits of yoga and meditation with those who have experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as well as their caregivers and care providers. Natasha will also complete Adaptive Yoga training with Matthew Sanford before the end of the year.

Natasha has teamed up with several community partners both local and nationwide to help spread her mission of providing equitable and accessible yoga to all, specifically BIPOC communities. She believes that the benefits of yoga should be experienced by everyone. Sessions are intentional with  various breathing techniques throughout. Props are encouraged for added support and stability.”


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Co-Founder, Teacher

Michael set out to create a safe space for Black men to reap the benefits of yoga he had personally experienced. A culturally welcoming space in which Black men’s bodies and minds are priority and not an afterthought. The benefits to incorporating yoga in daily life are endless, but include: increased stamina, balance, & strength; weight loss; and lower anxiety. Yoga is also a way for Black men to address the emotional and physical health disparities of their communities. Black and Brown men are considered anomalies in the yoga community, which is still largely young, white, and women. Michael stopped going to commercial yoga studios and did self-practice because of the lack of representation. There was no one who looked like him, so how could they know what his experience was like (in/out of studio)? How can Black men prioritize internal peace when war is waged externally on their bodies? The questions guide his personal journey to peace, healing, and growth. He is compelled to make yoga and other healing practices accessible and affordable for all, especially for those who look like him. 




Michael Saa Sekhem is a dedicated yoga instructor from Chicago, IL. Getting his first taste of yoga when he was 12. “I would wait until my mother left in the morning and would pop in her Rodney Yee yoga VHS tape.” Fast forward 14 years later he would become a yoga instructor. Michael graduated Columbia College of Chicago with a B.A. in Music Composition. He uses his skills in music to compose variations in yoga and pair movements to the music that might be playing or with the rhythm of breath created through each posture. Michael is Dedicated to serving the yogi community. For the last two years he has held space for young black men and black men with their children. Over time it became men and women, because Michael saw the vision to unify knowing separation should only be for a short time; when it’s time to heal, and it is time, we as men and women should unify. Michael is very committed to serving the community soul food in yoga form, providing students with a healthy way to tend to their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs. I look forward to serving you!